Printing Reporting Services Reports from the Report Viewer

The print function in the SSRS Report Viewer uses an Active X control to display printing options, such as printer selection, print range, number of copies, and print preview. If you notice, the dialog window is not the same as the one that comes with Internet Explorer.

When a user clicks the printer icon to print, and the Active X is not yet installed, it will attempt to install the Active X control.

If the user chooses “Don’t Install”, then an error dialog will be displayed – “Unable to load client print control”:

If a user tries to print a report in a locked-down environment and the Active X is not yet installed (i.e. because it is not part of the SOE), then the user will get a prompt to enter an administrator’s username and password, and on Cancel, will get the prompt above – “Unable to load client print control”.

To make this Active X control as part of a Windows 7 SOE, you need to:

  1. locate in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\{Reporting Service Instance Name}\Reporting Services\ReportServer\bin on the SQL Server.
  2. extract the content to C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files
  3. execute C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe /s “C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\rsclientprint.dll”

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