Resolving “File Could Not Be Uploaded” Issue when Adding Email Attachment

One or more CRM 2011 users in your organization are unable to attach files to emails that they have created, or to emails that were created by other people, and they get the following error:

File Could Not Be Uploaded

You do not have enough privileges to access the Microsoft Dynamics CRM object or perform the reuqested operation. For more information, contact your Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrator.

[CrmException: SecLib:: AccessCheckEx failed. Returned hr = 0214718796, ObjectID: {GUID}, OwnerId: {GUID}, OwnerIdType {INT} and CallingUser: {GUID}. ObjectTypeCode:4200, objectBusinessUnitId: {GUID}, AccessRights: CreateAccess]

If so, check the security roles applied to the users and make sure that entity Activity has access level of at least Business Unit for Create, Append, and Append To.

This is because you want the users to be able to create an email attachment, which is a type of Activity, and append it to email created by the user or someone else.


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