E-mail Router Setup for CRM 2011

I’ve been asked few times now to provide “some sort of documentation” on setting up E-mail Router for CRM 2011 (online/on-premise).

If you are too, you might find my “some sort of documentation” below useful:

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SOAP Calls using JavaScript No Longer Work after Polaris Update

Following the Polaris update on almost all CRM Online instances that I have worked
on, I notice that FetchXML calls via JavaScript and SOAP have stopped working.
I used one of the many similar 3rd party JavaScript libraries and sample codes found
on the Internet – “FetchUtil” that looks like below:
FetchUtil.prototype._FetchCallback = function (xmlhttp, callback) {
 if (xmlhttp.readyState != XMLHTTPREADY) {
 if (this._HandleErrors(xmlhttp)) {
 var sFetchResult = newxmlhttp.selectSingleNode('//a:Entities').xml; // Code fails here: unsupported method
 var resultDoc = new ActiveXObject('Microsoft.XMLDOM');
 resultDoc.async = false;

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