CRM Online Now Works on iPad

Microsoft recently (today for APAC) released an update to CRM Online to now support Safari on iPad.

A few interesting facts about this iPad version:

  • It is lighter than the full-blown version, and is quicker to load (see Figure 1).
  • Only the Workspace area is displayed – no Sales, Service, Marketing, or Settings.
  • There is no ribbon – what makes the site loads quicker, but then the users won’t be able to perform bulk tasks (see Figure 2).
  • It only supports the new UI for displaying record, classic form is not supported. If you have disabled the new UI (i.e. through security role), then the Mobile Express form is displayed instead.
  • This means currently there is no JavaScript support.
  • Only works in the relatively most recent version of Safari. Below was tested on iPad 2. On old Safari on iPad 1, you will be redirected to the Mobile Express version.

Figure 1: CRM Online on iPad Safari

– Dashboard



Figure 2: CRM Online on iPad Safari – My Active Accounts



Figure 3: CRM Online on iPad Safari – Account Record with new UI



CRM Online and Chrome on iPad

 Alternatively, you can view CRM Online with Chrome on iPad also, though this way is not supported by Microsoft. The trick is to, after logging in, change the URL from Mobile Express (/m/default.aspx) to /main.aspx (see Figure 4). You will see the full-version of CRM Online this way, but is slower to load.

To open a record in a new window, you have to do the following:

  1. Open the record list (in this example, account list) (Figure 4)
  2. Tap and hold on any of the record, and then select “Open in New Tab” (Figure 5)
  3. Navigate through the records to find one you want to open (Figure 6)
  4. Tap on the record you want to open (Figure 7)

The benefit of this approach is that you get the full-blown version of CRM and works with any existing customisations you have done, including ones for the classic form.


Figure 4: CRM Online on Chrome iPad – Dashboard



Figure 5: CRM Online on Chrome iPad – My Active Accounts



Figure 6: CRM Online on Chrome iPad – My Active Accounts in New Tab



Figure 7: CRM Online on Chrome iPad- Account Record with Classic Form



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