Connecting MuleSoft to Dynamics 365

When configuring MuleSoft to connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365, you need to firstly add and configure App Registration in Microsoft Azure.

Through the Azure Portal:

  1. Search for “App registrations
  2. Click Endpoints
  3. Make note of OAuth 2.0 Token Endpoint value (e.g.
  4. Create a new application registration with the following details:
  5. Make note of the app’s Application ID (e.g. 08537bd4-2a21-4e60-a7eb-2472fc27b670)
  6. Under API Access > Required Permissions,
    • add Dynamics CRM Online, and select/tick Access CRM Online as organization users;
    • click Grant Permissions and select Yes to confirm.
  7. Under API Access > Keys, create a new key, specifying any description, and expiry.
  8. Make note of the generated key value (e.g. KwYxhyF7yFuhuEMT1ujiQk9h7QFarQIvDz/lMVpHxQE=)

In MuleSoft (online via Design Center, or onprem via Anypoint Studio), in the Dynamics 365 Configuration window:

  1. Complete the following details:
    • Connection Type: OAuth Username Password
    • Username: (Or Service Account)
    • Password: <<Service Account Password>>
    • Resource:
    • Client ID: <<The GUID of the Application ID created in Azure / Step #5>>
    • Client Secret: <<The generated key value / Step #8>>
    • Token Request Endpoint:<<Azure Tenant GUID>>/oauth2/token (Step #3)
  2. Click Test to test the connection

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