Automatically Reloading the Fifth Sub-grid on a Form

CRM 2011 allows you to insert sub-grids to a form. Although there is no limit to number of sub-grids you can insert to the form, only the first four will be loaded automatically, there rest will appear with links “To load (sub-grid entity name) records, click here”.

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Exporting a Large Number of Records as an Excel Spreadsheet from CRM Online

In a recent CRM Online project, I had a challenge that the users were not able to export all approx. 108,000 account records to Excel using the standard “Export to Excel” feature – nothing happened after they click “Export”.

We tried the dynamic worksheet option, but similar issue: Excel froze for a few minutes as it retrieved the records, and was still a blank worksheet afterwards…

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CRM Online Now Works on iPad

Microsoft recently (today for APAC) released an update to CRM Online to now support Safari on iPad.

A few interesting facts about this iPad version:

  • It is lighter than the full-blown version, and is quicker to load (see Figure 1).
  • Only the Workspace area is displayed – no Sales, Service, Marketing, or Settings.
  • There is no ribbon – what makes the site loads quicker, but then the users won’t be able to perform bulk tasks (see Figure 2).
  • It only supports the new UI for displaying record, classic form is not supported. If you have disabled the new UI (i.e. through security role), then the Mobile Express form is displayed instead.
  • This means currently there is no JavaScript support.
  • Only works in the relatively most recent version of Safari. Below was tested on iPad 2. On old Safari on iPad 1, you will be redirected to the Mobile Express version.

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SOAP Calls using JavaScript No Longer Work after Polaris Update

Following the Polaris update on almost all CRM Online instances that I have worked
on, I notice that FetchXML calls via JavaScript and SOAP have stopped working.
I used one of the many similar 3rd party JavaScript libraries and sample codes found
on the Internet – “FetchUtil” that looks like below:
FetchUtil.prototype._FetchCallback = function (xmlhttp, callback) {
 if (xmlhttp.readyState != XMLHTTPREADY) {
 if (this._HandleErrors(xmlhttp)) {
 var sFetchResult = newxmlhttp.selectSingleNode('//a:Entities').xml; // Code fails here: unsupported method
 var resultDoc = new ActiveXObject('Microsoft.XMLDOM');
 resultDoc.async = false;

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