How big is the CRM database?

As consultants, we often perform an analysis of CRM systems belonging to prospects or customers, perhaps because they have performance issues, they want to upgrade, or we need to understand more about their current implementations.

If the CRM is on-premises, it is useful to find out about which out-of-the-box CRM entities are used, custom entities if any, number of records, and size of tables. You can find out all about this easily through few clicks and without having to write any T-SQL.

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Display and Report User Business Units, Teams, and Security Roles

If you need to produce a report to display and audit users’ Business Units, Teams, and Security Roles of your Dynamics CRM, for example to ensure the correct users are assigned correctly before the go-live, then this report may be useful.

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Troubleshooting “The report cannot be displayed. (rsProcessingAborted)” Error Message in CRM

When you develop an SSRS report for CRM with Visual Studio Business Intelligence Studio and test the report working in Visual Studio, but not when uploaded to CRM, you will encounter the following error:

Reporting Error

The report cannot be displayed. (rsProcessingAborted)

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